Interrupted Aria


Title Interrupted Aria (遮られたアリア)
Year 2006
Composer Takashi Koto
Instrument/s koto, shakuhachi
Commission Written for: Afternoon of Shakuhachi and Koto Music #9
First Performance (date, performers, venue) November 19, 2006, Afternoon of Shakuhachi and Koto Music #9, Marco Lienhardd and Ryuko Mizutani, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
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Notes Interrupted Aria (遮られたアリア): After I translated a book about the Metropolitan Opera into Japanese, I was addicted to opera and famous arias got stuck in my head. So, 1 composed this work. As the title suggests this work consists of a fragmentary and “imaginary” aria. As for the structure, shakuhachi and koto are unfocussed and independent of each other. Gradually, the two instruments become synchronized and finally united. It is similar to a camera’s image as a cameraman is trying to focus the object.