KOTO Project

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 Koto player around the world gathered online and created two music videos. The purpose of this project was to keep the spirit of hope alive during these difficult times through the power of music.

Hana Ikada

“I want to convey the beauty of the koto to the rest of the world…”
Starting with Hawaii in 1986, Kazue Sawai began scattering her “seeds” of koto around the globe, where they have successfully taken root, spread, and blossomed magnificently.
In this second installment of “Strings of Hope,” Kazue-sensei is joined by 100 koto players from the United States, Europe, Australia, and various Asian countries, all performing Tadao Sawai’s “Hana Ikada” together.


Recorded by koto performers that live all over the world outside of Japan, this video project brings us together through the power of music during the COVID-19 lockdown to keep the spirit of hope alive. We hope that it will bring comfort and resonate to as many people as possible in these difficult times.