Hello! I am Yayoi. This weekend I participated in “Koto Camp in Thailand 2023”, held in Bangkok. 

“Koto Camp in Thailand 2023” is organised by 4 Koto Masters from Global KOTO Music Network, Odamura sensei (Sydney), Nagai sensei (Manila),  Kitai sensei (Singapore) and Tsuboi sensei (Bangkok) and has mainly 3 events; 1)Lecture at Mahidol University 2)Workshops 3)Concert at The Siam Society Auditorium.

The one I participated in was a workshop of “Taka” and “Midare” with 2 other Koto students from Bangkok and Manila.

Odamura sensei taught us from the basic posture of Koto player which is the most important element to play koto, until technical tips of how to use Tsume (koto picks), how to express the sound and melody. And we finally finished by performing koto music of “Taka” and “Midare” all together, which was really beautiful and impressing.

I felt it was a great chance to learn directly from professional koto musicians, also was a good occasion to meet up with other koto learners from different countries. 

Final concert will be held on this Wednesday October 4, 2023 in Bangkok. Don’t miss this wonderful chance to listen to the beautiful harmony of Koto!!