Lament for three Gotos

Title Lament for three Gotos
Year 2011
Composer Young Ja Lee
Instrument/s 3 kotos
First Performance (date, performers, venue) February 6, 2011, Old First Concerts, Shoko Hikage, Kanoko Nishi and Noriko Tsuboi, San Francisco, California; Wooden Fish Ensemble Celebrates the Music of Young Ja Lee
Notes Japanese traditional string instrument, the Koto, and the Korean Kayageum are quite similar in appearance. Yet our tradition, our culture, our nationalistic ideology, as well as the playing techniques and the methods of instrumental expressions of our two cuntries different from one another. Lament is a sorrowful spiritual and a requiem. Composed of 3 movements, the omnipresence of indeterminate rhythms and irregular phrases deploy the beautiful yet none the less agitated portrait of life the modern man. This piece holds the message of the cosmic aesthetics where the universal harmony is observed by means of musical creation. Ⅰ. Andante Sostenuto (Movement Ⅰ: The Lament of the Soul) Ⅱ. Molto Expressive (Movement Ⅱ: The Agony of Sorrow) Ⅲ. Marcato Allegro (Movement Ⅲ: The Healing of Sorrow) I would like to thank the members of Wooden Fish for the creation of this work. [Young Ja Lee]