Quartet for four kotos in Proportional Acceleration and Deceleration

Title Quartet for four kotos in Proportional Acceleration and Deceleration
Year 2002
Composer Justin Yang
Instrument/s 4 kotos, animated interface
Commission Commissioned by Ryuko Mizutani
First Performance (date, performers, venue) June 19, 2003, Koto Phase (Ryuko Mizutani, Mitsuki Dazai, Curtis Patterson and Shoko Hikage), Waon, Tokyo
Contact for Sheets the composer
Contact Info https://www.justinyang.net/index.html
Notes This work is currently in progress and is being written in response to a recent commission from Ryuko Mizutani for for her koto quarter. I am submitting this work in my D.M.A. application because I feel even in its current form, it effectively demonstrates the methodology I am pursuing of using an animated score to realize proportional acceleration and deceleration with an ensemble of live musicians and acoustic instruments. The second draft, already in progress, will keep much of the overall architecture and formal proportions. The most dramatic changes will be in the rates of acceleration. I will be using a much higher frames per second rate in the animated score to achieve gradual accelerations/decelerations at much slower rates of acceleration/deceleration. Also I will make ensemble changes more frequently switching between four solo, unison quartet, two duos, and solo and trio, more rapidly. [Justin Yang, 2002]