Twining Voices 纒繞聲

Title Twining Voices 纒繞聲
Year 2007
Composer Yuji Takahashi
Instrument/s koto, gayageum, janggu, zheng
Commission Commissioned by ⅢZ+
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Notes on <twining voices>
yuji takahashi

East Asian traditional Instruments have been modernized in different
ways and degrees toward speed, tension, equalization and loudness.
Modernization is through westernization in many cases. As the result
music accelerates toward virtuosity and roughness.

In this piece musicians are asked to loosen the tight control of
their instruments and music. Through listening the sounds of their
own instruments and the surrounding air, the minute changes of tone
quality would affect timing and vice versa. The difference in
historic senses of intervals on each zithers is the part of timbre.

Entwining three zither voices would be interrupted by strong end
rhyme of janggu. Percussion without traditional jangdan patterns
responds to or breaks the flow.