Bamboo and Silk Tango

Title Bamboo and Silk Tango
Year 2008
Composer Martin Schreiner
Instrument/s Koto, Shakuhachi
Commission Written for: Afternoon of Shakuhachi and Koto Music concerts #10
Duration 7′
First Performance (date, performers, venue) September 7, 2008, Afternoon of Shakuhachi and Koto Music #10, Marco Lienhard and Ryuko Mizutani, Public Library of Brookline, Brookline, Massachusetts
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Notes “Bamboo and Silk Tango” is in a form somewhat like an introduction, theme and variations. Using a tango rhythm, the music plays upon the contrast between the shakuhachi and koto. The intention is to create a sense that the sounds of the two instruments are ‘dancing’ a tango together. Traditional techniques for these instruments are combined with some modern techniques like the use of koto string harmonics, striking the koto strings with a metal triangle beater, and abruptly damping the strings for dramatic effect. [Martin Schreiner]