Blue Rondo a la Take Five

Title Blue Rondo a la Take Five
Year 2005
Composer Chappell Kingsland (David Brubeck and Paul Desmond, arr.)
Instrument/s koto, 17-string koto, 20-string koto
Commission Written for Ryuko Mizutani
Duration 3’58”
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CD, Digital Audio CD: Lantana Koto Varieties; Ryuko Mizutani (koto/20-string koto), Noriko Tsuboi (koto), Shoko Hikage (koto/17-string koto), Masayo Ishigure (koto), Hiromu Motonaga (shakuhachi)
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Notes These two classics from Brubeck’s “Time Out” album actually translate quite naturally to the sound of the koto. “Blue Rondo a la Turk” follows the original piano and alto sax lines quite closely, with the third koto adding some commentary. “Take Five” is treated a bit more freely, with scraped strings taking the place of the drumbeat. In the middle section, the two tunes are played simultaneously, which is quite tricky for the players [Kingsland]