Crazy Horse

Title Crazy Horse
Year 2011
Composer Hyo-shin Na
Instrument/s koto, Korean traditional orchestra
First Performance (date, performers, venue) November 15, 2011, Traditional Korean Orchestra at the National Theatre of Korea and Shoko Hikage, National Theatre of Korea, Seoul
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CD, Digital Audio another version for koto solo (2012) CD: Lantana Plays the Music of Hyo-shin Produced by Mod
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Notes The inspiration for Crazy Horse came from two poems by the American anthropologist / linguist / poet Jaime de Angelo (1887-1950): Fog and Redwood in the Night. [Na] Fog Fog coming up in streams From the sea In the pasture the old black mare stands with her head bent. Redwood in the Night Foggy rain, foggy rain, gentle rain, dripping under the tall redwoods. Shaggy horse with your tail to the storm, aren’t you cold?