Echoes of Harmonious Music

for kayageum and koto

Title Echoes of Harmonious Music for kayageum and koto
Year 2012
Composer Hyo-shin Na
Instrument/s koto, gayageum
Commission Commissioned by Zellerbach Family Foundation, W and F Hewlett Foundation
Duration 7’59”
First Performance (date, performers, venue) February 2, 2013, Shoko Hikage and Narae Kwon, Cabrillo College, Aptos, California
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CD, Digital Audio CD: That Old Woman; Hyo-shin Na played by Shoko Hikage (koto) and You Jin Sung (kayageum)
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Notes Echoes of Harmonious Music for 12 String Kayageum and 13 String Koto (2012) is the second piece of Hyo-shin Na’s series of four works for kayageum/koto duo. It is written as a quasi-unison piece where the two instruments follow their own nature (kayageum tends to play music in a triple meter whereas koto almost always plays in a duple rhythm; lavish ornamentation is the norm for a kayageum player and almost anathema for the player of the koto) as well as the path of the piece’s melody. [Na]