Go on Listening

for kayageum and bass koto

Title Go on Listening for kayageum and bass koto
Year 2014
Composer Hyo-shin Na
Instrument/s 17-string koto, gayageum
Commission This piece was composed with the support of the Zellerbach Family Foundation and the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music.
Duration 9’41”
First Performance (date, performers, venue) February 9, 2014, Narae Kwon and Shoko Hikage, Old First Concerts, San Francisco, California
Contact for Sheets hyoshinnaemail@gmail.com
CD, Digital Audio CD: That Old Woman; Shoko Hikage, 17 string 17-string koto and You Jin Sung, kayageum; www.gugakcd.com
Contact Info http://www.hyo-shinna.com/index.html
Notes Go On Listening is based on W. S. Merwin’s poem “To Maoli as the Year Ends”. Now that I think you no longer hear meyou go on listening to meas you used to listen to music old friend what are you hearingthat I do not hear though I listen through the light of thirty thousand daysyou still hear something that escapes me The two players listening closely to each other and the friendly relationship between them stems from Merwin’s poem.