Koto, Piano

Title Koto, Piano
Year 2014
Composer Hyo-shin Na
Instrument/s koto, piano
Commission Written for Shoko Hikage and Thomas Schultz
Duration 3’08” 2’50” 2’30”
First Performance (date, performers, venue) July 4, 2014, Shoko Hikage and Thomas Schultz, Buam Art Hall, Seoul
Contact for Sheets hyoshinnaemail@gmail.com
CD, Digital Audio CD: Wooden Fish Ensemble; Shoko Hikage, koto and Thomas Schultz, piano; produced by Thomas Schultz
Contact Info http://www.hyo-shinna.com/index.html
Notes In April 2014, I saw a series of woodcut prints by Paul Gauguin at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and was struck by his practice of making multiple prints of the same woodcut, using a different color for each print. With this impression in mind, I began to write “Koto, Piano” – three short, very similar pieces, yet each with its own clear identity. [Na]