Moments in Human Life

Title Moments in Human Life
Year 2008
Composer Stefan Hakenberg
Instrument/s koto, gayageum, Korean percussion, guzheng, string quartet
First Performance (date, performers, venue) 2009, UnitedBerlin and IIIZ+, CrossSound, Juneau, Alaska; UnitedBerlin and IIIZ+. CrossSound, Juneau, Alaska
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Notes Even before Moments in Human Life’s first note is heard in a concert hall, its unusual instrumentation is apparent on stage. Two violins, viola, and cello – the classic formation of a string quartet – are joined by the three iconic East Asian zithers; koto, guzheng, and kayagum, as well as various Korean percussion instruments. The East Asian instruments in this piece constitute the unique formation of the ensemble IIIZ+ which is one of the two ensembles that have commissioned Moments in Human Life, the other one being United Berlin. [Hakenberg]