My favorite things

Title My favorite things
Year 2005
Composer Chappell Kingsland (Richard Rogers, arr.)
Instrument/s 3 kotos
Commission Commissioned by Ryuko Mizutani
Duration 3’40”
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CD, Digital Audio CD Lantana Koto Varieties; Ryuko Mizutani on koto/20-string koto, Noriko Tsuboi on koto, Shoko Hikage on koto/17-string koto, Masayo Ishigure on koto and Hiromu Motonaga on shakuhachi; Produced by Mod
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Notes This arrangement is largely inspired by saxophonist John Coltrane’s quartet performance from 1961, which adds melodic freedom and a very appealing post-bebop harmonic accompaniment. Another surprise is the 5-beat waltz section. [Kingsland]