Nori for Koto Solo

Title Nori for Koto Solo
Year 2012
Composer Eunjoo Oh
Instrument/s koto
Commission Written for Shoko Hikage
Duration 6’30”
First Performance (date, performers, venue) February 10, 2013, Shoko Hikage, Wooden Fish Ensemble, Old First Concerts, San Francisco, California
CD, Digital Audio
Notes Each movement of Eunjoo Oh’s Nori is based on a different rhythmic pattern: I. 5 / 5/ 6 / 5/ 5 / 10; II. the 10 beat pattern ending the first movement continues in a slower tempo; III. faster tempo in 4/4. The three movements are played without pause. Throughout the piece, one might hear the animation and light-hearted-ness implied by the word Nori (“being playhul”) in the title.
The piece was written for Shoko Hikage in 2012. [Eunjoo oh]