Title Sakura
Year 2005
Composer Chappell Kingsland (traditional Japanese, arr.)
Instrument/s 3 kotos, shakuhachi
Commission Commissioned by Ryuko Mizutani
Duration 4’07”
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CD, Digital Audio CD Lantana Koto Varieties; Ryuko Mizutani on koto/20-string koto, Noriko Tsuboi on koto, Shoko Hikage on koto/17-string koto, Masayo Ishigure on koto and Hiromu Motonaga on shakuhachi; Produced by Mod
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Notes First we have the shakuhachi playing the melody in a high register, accompanied by freely diatonic cluster harmonies and long pedal notes. Next the melody is somewhat hidden and jumps from one instrument to the next as the kotos play quicker material. This gives way to a vast landscape, with all four instruments playing fragments of the melody at their own speed. The brief closing has the kotos gracefully floating notes up and down [Kingsland].