Seiyuu (Calm Evening)

Title Seiyuu (Calm Evening)
Year 2010
Composer Seiyuu (Calm Evening)+C5
Instrument/s koto, harpsichord
Commission Commissioned by Linda Buman-Hall
First Performance (date, performers, venue) January 15, 2011, Linda Burman-Hall, Shoko Hikage, UCSC Music Center Recital Hall, Santa Cruz, California
CD, Digital Audio New Music Works;
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Notes Seiyuu, Quiet (or Calm) Evening should suggest a general mood rather than any specific narrative. This choice reflects the historical circumstances in which both instruments functioned largely for refined entertainment by and for people of culture. I began combing Japanese and early Western instruments in 1975 with Echoes from Bronze Bells composed for Yukimi Kambe and have continued writing such pieces for varied mixed ensembles since then. With all of these pieces, finding musical and technical ways to bring their traditions together seemed much more interesting than juxtaposing their differences in a rather jarring and unproductive manner. The individual traditions merge in a much more natural manner in unaccompanied passages for single instruments. [Loeb]