Surface Tension

Title Surface Tension
Year 2005
Composer Vera Ivanova
Instrument/s 17-string koto, violin/viola
Commission Dedicated to Pia Liptak and Ryuko Mizutani
Duration 7’09”
First Performance (date, performers, venue) November 5, 2006, Pia Liptak and Ryuko Mizutani, Christ Church, Rochester, New York
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CD, Digital Audio CD: Taking The Scarlet (CD 3056); Duo Vio-LINK-oto, 2010
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Notes Surface tension is understood to be an elastic quality of water that allows very light objects of a flat shape (such as a needle) to float on its surface. Waves on the water are produced, in part, due to this quality as well. The title of this piece was inspired by the visual similarity of the motion of water, being disturbed by an object (such as a stone), and a vibrating string, being plucked (on koto and violin) or bowed (on violin). Both the water and the string produce waves (vibrations), which we see on the surface of water, and which we hear as sound waves. The result that we see is a water mass in motion, and what we hear is a complex field of sounds, which, through our ears, touches our emotions. [Ivanova]