Taking the Scarlet

Title Taking the Scarlet
Year 2005
Composer Winnie Cheung
Instrument/s 17-string koto, violin
Commission Written for Duo Vio-LINK-oto, Pia Liptak, violin, and Ryuko Mizutani, koto
Duration 10’00”
Contact for Sheets Winnie Cheung
CD, Digital Audio CD: Taking The Scarlet (CD 3056); Duo Vio-LINK-oto, 2010 www.centaurrecords.com
Notes In Taking Scarlet (2005), I take my soundscape from the Haiku of Yosa Buson (1715 – 1783) The mountain grows darker Taking the scarlet From the autumn leaves The notation used in this piece requires the performers to shape their musical lines as a direct and immediate response to the previous musical event. For the performers, breathing, body gestures, and many ‘intuitions’ about one another become just as important as playing the correct notes on the page. [Cheung]