Title Taut
Year 2007
Composer Elizabeth A. Kelly
Instrument/s koto, violin
Commission Written for Duo Vio-LINK-oto, Pia Liptak, violin, and Ryuko Mizutani, koto
Duration 4’07”
Contact for Sheets Elizabeth A. Kelly
CD, Digital Audio CD: Taking The Scarlet (CD 3056); Duo Vio-LINK-oto, 2010 www.centaurrecords.com
Contact Info http://www.elizabethakelly.com/index.html
Notes In my recent pieces, I have become very interested in finding new environments
for the classic American 12-bar blues form. In Taut, the blues form serves as a framework in which intersections between the classically bowed violin and classically plucked Japanese koto can emerge. The piece is dedicated to the wonderful players of Duo Vio-LINK-oto. [Elizabeth Kelly]