The Silver Pavillion

Title The Silver Pavillion
Year 2013
Composer Ian Cleworth
Instrument/s three kotos, three 17-string kotos, taiko, percussion
Commission Koto Music Institute of Australia
First Performance (date, performers, venue) 2013, International Koto Festival in Sydney, Kazue Sawai and The Satsuki Odamura Koto Ensemble, Sydney, New South Wales
Notes I was thrilled and incredibly honoured when invited to compose this piece to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Sawai International Koto School in Australia. Why The Silver Pavilion? Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion) in Kyoto is a splendid place that is “quietly beautiful”, lending itself to contemplation and meditation, and apart from it providing me with an evocative image, the two words express something about the source of the work’s inspiration. A pavilion is a large, ornamental building placed at the centre, not unlike the Sawai Koto School, which is an important, world-renowned cultural organization. And as for silver… what present does one give on a 25th Anniversary? Silver, of course! [Cleworth]