When Doves Coo…


Title When Doves Coo…鳩が鳴くときに…
Year 2008
Composer Takashi Koto
Instrument/s koto, orchestra
Commission Quincy Symphony Orchestra
First Performance (date, performers, venue) November 2, 2008, Shoko Hikage and Quincy Symphony Orchestra
Contact for Sheets the composer
CD, Digital Audio The concerto was written for Ryuko Mizutani, koto, but one week before the concert she was hospitalized for her illness and had to give up the performance. Shoko Hikage, her friend, premiered the concerto.
Contact Info https://www.facebook.com/takashi.koto.10/
Notes Song of Doves (鳩の歌) was written to celebrate the centennial of the Peace Treaty of Portsmouth in 2005. The koto has movable bridges and can be tuned in a variety of ways from modern “atonal” to traditional pentatonic. I have chosen the latter, a little altered from the tradition begun one hundred years ago by Michio Mayagi. Because of the title, this work may sound like a program music with dove’s coos but it is rather mechanical and structural as usual as my composition style which I call “contour composition.” The music language is plain but the body of the piece is elastic, like an accordion, ever changing the tempo and density.